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A Glossary of Gardens

Arboretum: A place where an extensive variety of trees are cultivated for scientific educa­tional, or ornamental purposes

Botanical Garden
: A place where a wide variety of plants are cultivated for scientific, educational, or ornamental purposes.

Butterfly Garden: A garden in which flowers are specially chosen to attract butterflies.

Classical Garden
: A formal garden whose aesthetic attitudes and values are embodied in ancient Greek and Roman design.

Colonial Garden
: A garden designed or reconstructed in the colonial American style, with separate sections for flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, and various outbuildings.

Conservatory: A greenhouse in which plants are arranged for aesthetic display and in care­fully controlled climatic con­ditions.

Cottage Garden
: A small, un­pretentious garden featuring flowers and vegetables in a casual arrangement.

Cup Garden
: A garden in ancient Chinese tradition, in which a central object is framed by its surroundings.

Demonstration Garden: A garden whose purpose is horticultural education.

English Garden
: A naturalistic garden style first developed in 18th century England, as compared with the more formal French style..

Formal Garden
: A garden in which nature is trained to adhere to geometric or other formal deco­rative principles

Garden Rooms: Individual, self­contained, and separately designed sections of a larger garden.

Italianate Garden
: A garden in the Italian style, often featuring classical elements, statuary, and fountains.

Knot Garden: Elaborate planting of greenery, usually thyme or box, following the patterns of knots.

Colonial Garden by Jacque Alameddine
Colonial Garden by Jacque Alameddine

Maze: A garden labyrinth: an intricate, deliberately con­ fusing, patterned network of hedges and pathways, designed to entertain.

Naturalistic Garden
: A garden in which the design attempts to imitate nature in its free form rather than to impose form upon it.

: An ornamental flower garden whose beds and paths form a pattern.

Pleasure Garden: A garden such as a flower garden or park, designed purely for enjoyment.

Rock Garden
: A garden in which rocks and plants are arranged in a carefully designed, decorative scheme, often featuring alpine plants.

Shade Garden
: A garden featuring plants that grow best in shaded areas.

Pleasure Gardens at Montmartre, 1886 by Vincent Van Gogh

Topiary Garden: A garden in which live trees and shrubs are clipped into fanciful shapes.

Water Garden
: A garden in which ponds, streams, and other water elements, as well as plants that grow at water sites, are an inte­gral part of the overall design.

Wildflower Garden
: Usually a pre­serve, in which flowering plants grow in a natural, uncultivated state.

Winter Garden
: A conservatory or other indoor garden that can be enjoyed all year.

Zen Garden
: A garden in the Japanese tradition, designed for beauty and contemplation.

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