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 Make a Moccasin

Moccasins, are a type of traditional North American footwear. The word moccasin, which has language origins with Eastern North American tribes, traditionally referred to a shoe with a puckered u-shaped 'vamp' over the instep.

The name of the Great Lakes Ojibway tribe means 'people of the puckered moccasin'. The southern New England Narragansett word for shoe is 'Mocussinass' or 'Mockussinchass'.

Today the word moccasin, still with innumerable spellings, generally refers to all types of hard and soft soled shoes, with and without puckered toes.  When constructing moccasins, it is best to make patterns on butcher paper first to make sure of proper fit, suggests David Montgomery in Mountainman Crafts and Skills

"Use either a heavy buckskin or cowhide to make the moccasins, particularly when making one piece moccasins," he advises. "If you are going to go out in the snow or wet weather, make sure your moccasins are well oiled. I use a mink oil-beeswax solution. Heat and melt the wax right into the oil. Using a paint brush, paint the solution on the moccasins."

Suede Leather MoccasinsInstructions for One-piece, Soft-sole, Center-seam Moccasins Click here.

How to Make a Pair of Moccasins
The eHow website offers easy-to-make plans for comfortable moccasins that can be made from a variety of garment-weight leathers. Once you have worn them a few times, a sole will be formed at the bottom of the shoe. Try one on.

Native Heritage Moccasin Kits Native Heritage Moccasin Kits
Make your own pair of moccasins with the authentic look and feel of those made by Native American Indians. This kit contains pre-cut and pre-punched suede leather parts; foam insoles; lace and instructions for one adult size 10/11 moccasins. 
Mountainman Crafts and Skills
Mountainman Crafts and Skills
A Fully Illustrated Guide to Wilderness Living and Survival by David R. Montgomery

Filled with valuable information for hobbyists, survival enthusiasts, family campers - and everyone who enjoys outdoor life,  Mountainman Crafts and Skills is the essential illustrated guide to wilderness living and survival. How to make your own clothing, shelter, and equipment are all covered in step-by-step detail - through illustrations by the author himself. Learn how to make and use hunting tools and utensils, wild game traps, mountainman clothing, powder flasks and horns, tents, deer-horn jewelry, and much more. Wilderness survival skills are also covered, with instruction geared at both novice and expert. Learn how to trap wild game, tan hides, shoot with black powder, make a fire, and cook a hearty meal with only the barest of essentials. Rich in mountainman historical lore, from descriptions of foods and living habits to campfire yarns.


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