Who won the Cold War? Vodka.

Prior to the mid-1970s, vodka lagged well behind the whiskeys in the market for spirits in the U.S. and most other Western nations.

Then came détente and President Richard Nixon's effort to ease geo-political tensions with the Soviet Union.
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Voda or Wodka?

Does the word "vodka" derive from the Russian "voda," meaning water, or the Polish "wodka," derived from "woda," or water? Historians from the two countries will argue incessantly on the origins of the world's favorite liquor, which almost certainly originated somewhere in Eastern Europe during  the 14th or 15th century.
A new volume in The Edible Series of Reaktion Books by Patricia Herlihy -  Vodka: A Global History - explores how a rather unremarkable liquid distilled from grain became such a potent spirit, both culturally and economically. 

Absolutely Luxurious

Inspired by the Swedish word "lyx" that means "luxury," the Swedish distiller of the popular Absolut vodka has introduced a high-end product - Elyx - that costs roughly twice as much as the regular Absolut.

Pernod Ricard, the spirit's parent company, notes that all the ingredients in Elyx are sourced from within a 15-mile radius of Ahus in southern Sweden, where it is distilled. The super premium vodka also has a slightly higher alcohol content than regular Absolut




Grey Goose Recycled Bottle Tumbler
Grey Goose Recycled Bottle Tumbler

Bartending For Dummies
A Global History
by Patricia Herlihy

Absolut Book
Absolut Book
The Absolut Vodka Advertising Story

In Good Spirits
A man walks into a bar and orders six shots of vodka. He lines them up in a row and downs the first glass, then the third glass and finally the fifth glass.

Then he stands up and starts to leave the bar.

“Excuse me,” says the bartender. “But you left three of the glasses of vodka untouched.”

The man replies, “I know… My doctor says it’s okay to have the odd drink.”

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