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Splendid Soups

Splendid Soups
by James Peterson
John Wiley & Sons, 2001.

Originally published in 1993, this updated version of James Peterson's encyclopedic exploration of bisques, consommes, stocks and purees is even thicker and more impressive than the original.

In 10 chapters, Peterson surveys the full range of soup-making, from carefully crafted consommes to rough and hearty stews. Full histories of soups and their ingredients are included along with technical information, tips, and serving suggestions.

"No family of dishes surpasses the versatility of soup," Peterson states prior to proving his point with hundreds of recipes utilizing nearly every conceivable ingredient. 

Recipes and Master Techniques for Making the World's Best Soups


 New to this edition are duck soups like Chinese Duck and Orange Soup and detailed information on garnitures such as quenelles, Thai shrimp balls and Mexican meat balls. And, for those fortunate enough to have an Asian market in the neighborhood, Peterson offers advice on selecting and using Chinesegreens.

The redesigned cookbook now features the author's own color photographs of his favorite soup presentations like poached Salmon with fermented Blackbean-Scented Broth and Cockle Soup with Borlotti beans. 

Handsomely presented, richly detailed and simmering with new ideas, Splendid Soups is a sumptuous second serving. 

Recipes included:

Roast Garlic and Acorn Squash Soup 

Thai-Style Hot and Sour Blue Crab Soup

Dried Fruit Soup

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*Includes 50 new recipes drawn from the best of the world's ethnic cuisines. 

*Nearly 40 full-color photographs of soup-making techniques and finished dishes.

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