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Eggs and Health Promotion

Eggs and Health Promotion 
edited by Ronald R. Watson
Iowa State Press, 2002. 

Recent research on eggs and their nutritional properties is beginning to correct decades of damning accusations by scientists and the popular media. Maligned as a cause of high serum cholesterol and heart disease, egg consumption has been effectively discouraged.

The studies and reports collected in this volume not only call into question the charges against eggs, but even suggest that substantial dietary benefits have been overlooked. H.L. "Sam" Queen of the Health Realities Institute in Colorado even hypothesizes a "magic bullet" effect for eggs in some people, whereby eating whole eggs can prevent heart disease and, perhaps, even reverse its damage.

"It seems logical, given the evidence, that whole eggs offer the perfect magic bullet not only for unclogging arteries and handling the infgections that often associate with arterial lesions but also for removing heavy metals from the brain and nervous system, for reducing the risk for Alzheimer's disease, and for reducing smooth muscle spasms in people with angina and high blood pressure," Queen explains.

The 18 papers in this book respond to the myths and misconceptions about eggs and highlight new evidence that for the majority of people, eggs have little effect on heart disease one way or another. Most are focused on the role cholesterol, oxidized lipids and fats in the health of egg consumers.

Other articles suggest new ways of looking at and utilizing eggs, such as the use of "designer eggs" to deliver special nutrients and immune products to people through egg consumption by altering the feed given to laying hens.

"Consumers have begun to take control of their own health," note Hoon H. Sunwoo and Jeone S. Sim of Dr. Sim's Canadian Designer Eggs in 'Designer Eggs: Nutritional and Functional Significance.' 

"They are driving the market for a new category of food with potential health benefits well beyond those traditionally recognized."

For those interested in eggs as producers or as consumers, this book provides the resources and the scientific findings to effectively respond to questions about both the benefits and the problems with eggs as a food source.

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Eggs and Health Promotion

by Ronald R. Watson (Editor). 
Iowa State Press, 2002.

Although eggs have been a part of human diet since the beginning of recorded history, recent controversy regarding egg intake and human health put this food source under scrutiny. Dispelling misconceptinos and covering significant recent advances in egg use, this book provides up-to-date research on the role of eggs in the context of a healthful diet. 

This single, convenient reference focuses on current scientific data covering: the influence of eggs on health and disease risk factors; the emergence of modified eggs; and the use of eggs to directly prevent or treat diseases.


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