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Creating Bonsai Landscapes 
18 Miniature Garden Projects

Creating Bonsai Landscapes
18 miniature garden projects
by Su Chin Ee
Storey Books, 2003

Penjing, the Chinese art of creating a miniature landscape in a container, dates back to at least the 7th century when historical records refer to stones and plants arranged in containers to form artistic scenes.

Bonsai is more familiar to most Americans, but penjing is the older art form from which bonsai evolved. "Bonsai" means a "tree in a pot," whereas penjing refers to a "landscape in a pot". 

Penjing artist Su Chin Ee uses plant material and natural stone to portray bamboo groves on a rocky island or a waterfall flowing through a volcanic outcrop. In this book she details 18 miniature landscape projects in great detail.

"As I have gained confidence over the years, I have learned how to create a true representation of a natural scene, using planting techniques and adding details that deceive the eye into believing there is much greater depth or height to the landscape," Ee explains.

Handmade rocks formed from chicken wire and ciment fondu provide the basic structure for many of her landscapes. As they weather, their appearance becomes more natural and rugged.

For each of the 18 landscapes profiled in her book, Ee lists the materials and plants used and provides step-by-step photo-illustrated instructions for constructing the landscape and pruning the plants.

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Creating Bonsai Landscapes 

The Landscapes
  • Shan Shui -- Mountain Water
  • Ba Xian -- Eight Immortals
  • Shi-Liu -- Abundance
  • Gong Ji Shan -- Rooster Mountain
  • Li Bai -- The Dreaming Poet
  • Feng Hong -- Red Wind-The Phoenix
  • Ping Guo -- Peace
  • Jin Shi -- Metal and Stone
  • Lu Long -- Green Dragon
  • Mei Hua -- Flowering Cherry
  • Cai Shen -- God of Riches
  • Yin Meng Yang -- Yin Dreams of Yang
  • Quan Yin -- Bamboo Retreat
  • Long Shu Gui Shui -- Dragon Tree, Tortoise Pond
  • Shi Bu Tian -- Stne Steps to Heaven
  • Deng Hua -- Lantern Flowers
  • Fei Long -- Flying Dragon
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