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Cleaning and Preparing Gamefish

Cleaning and Preparing Gamefish
Step-by-Step Instructions, from Water to Table
by Monte Burch 
Lyons Press, 2003

Properly dressed and prepared, freshly caught gamefish make a marvelous meal. Mistakes made in dressing, storing, or preparing a fish, however, can lead to poor taste and even illness.

Missouri outdoor writer Monte Burch explains how to safely prepare and serve fish and shellfish in this guide to the most commonly caught and consumed gamefish. Both freshwater and saltwater species are included, from whitefish and clams to barracuda and scallops.

"Keeping them alive and healthy until you are ready to fillet them is the best way to ensure delicious fish in some species," Burch points out. "If you're fishing from a boat, a livewell is an excellent method of keeping them alive and healthy.

"If you don't have a livewell, use a submersible basket to keep fish alive in the water until you are ready to go home. Fish baskets are great for the smaller panfish, especially bluegill when you're catchijng them on almost every cast. You can simply unhook the fish, open the basket, and drop it in headfirst. These baskets are better than stringers because you really don't have to handle the fish as much."

For anglers who don't live lakeside or seaside, or who won't be eating their catch the same day, Burch provides step-by-step instructions for cleaning and dressing fish to be put on ice for transport and storage.

The veteran outdoorsman includes instructions for dressing turtles, frogs, eels, crawfish and even alligator. A chapter of his favorite recipes is included at the back of the book.

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Cleaning and Preparing Gamefish
Step-by-Step Instructions, 
from Water to Table

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