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How to Build Animal Housing

How to Build Animal Housing
60 Plans for Coops, Hutches, Barns, Sheds, Pens, Nest Boxes, Feeders, Stanchions, and Much More
by Carol Ekarius 
Storey Publishing, 2004

Hobby farmer Carol Ekarius compiled the 60 plans for animal shelters featured in this book, all of them designed specifically for small-scale and backyard livestock raising.

Ekarius begins the book with an introductory section that explains the housing needs of animals and discusses issues like drainage, prevailing winds and government regulation that must be considered prior to construction.

The plans, from a simple rabbit hutch to a full-service milking barn, occupy the bulk of the pages, followed by a useful construction guide in the back of the book covering everything from screw and nail types to trusses and foundations.

"Take plenty of time to think and plan before starting your project," Ekarius advises. This workbook covers most of the issues that need to be considered before breaking ground.

"If you plan to embark on a construction project but have limited experience, I urge you to start with a small project, like a shed, before trying your hand at a large barn or stable," she says. "It is much easier to learn techniques when building a simple 10'x10' shed than it is when trying to build a 3000-square-foot barn with a full wall foundation, complete upper story, and bathrooms and guest quarters."

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How To Build Animal Housing
How to Build Animal Housing

Selected Plans

Rabbit Hutch
Two-Compartment Rounded Corner Hutch
Rabbit House
A-Frame Hut
Modified A-Frame Hut
Calf Hutch with Movable Paddock
Poultry Shed
Portable Brooder House
Summer Range Shelter
Skid Barn
Portable Stable
Movable Shed
Permanent Shade Structure
Gambrel Barn
Small Cable Barn
Monitor Barn
Small Stable
Chicken Coop
Loafing Shed
Sheep Shed
Calf Shed
Milking Barn

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