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101 Bears to Make

101 Bears to Make
by Nancy Tillberg
Krause Publications, 2004

Both beginners and veteran crafters will find this comprehensive guide to making teddy bears a valuable reference and inspiration.

Now more than 100 years old, the "teddy bear" has evolved considerably since its inception with a disabled German dressmaker in 1902. Many of today's handcrafted bears are still made from woven fabrics, but others are being shaped from synthetic fibers, alpaca wool or even genuine fur. Modern bears with double-jointed necks, beaded appliques, airbrushed colors and contemporary fashions are increasingly popular.

Veteran teddy bear artist Nancy Tillberg of Thunder Bay, Ontario, provides step-by-step instructions for traditional, modern and realistic bruins, as well as tips on crafting open-mouthed bears, sculpting teeth, creating fur, and shaping paw pads.

Divided into three sections, this book concentrates on "Making a Teddy Bear" and then on "Creative Touches" such as dyes, stuffing variations, darts, embellishments and finishing techniques. The last and final section focuses on "The Bear Business" with advice on setting up a teddy bear business and becoming established as a teddy bear artist. The back pages include a photo gallery of unique bears and project patterns for antique, modern and realistic bears.

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Teddy Bear Definitions

Arctophile. One who loves teddy bears. Arctophiles are generally collectors, although they may make bears as well. They may collect anything that is related to teddy bears.

Artist Bear. A teddy bear conceived, designed, and created by an individual.

Artist Designed Bear. The pattern was conceived and designed by one person, but created by others.

Bear Crafter. One who makes teddy bears from patterns that they have not created themselves.

Bear Maker. Any one who makes a teddy bear. This category can include bear artists, crafters and manufacturers.

Edition. The number of bears made from a pattern before the pattern is discarded. These bears may or may not be numbered.

Exclusive. A bear that is only offered in a specific place or at a specific time. Some shops will carry artist exclusives which will not be available anywhere else. Likewise, an artist may offer an exclusive design available only on theeir Web site.

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