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Red 4WD Tractors

Red 4WD Tractors In this book, the story of the four-wheel-drive tractors built by Steiger, International Harvester, Case and Case IH is told in dramatic fashion. Starting with the development of early four-wheel-drive systems at International Harvester, it traces the evolution and design some of the most powerful and capable tractors of the 20th century. The book includes the complete story of Steiger tractors, which were originally built and designed in the barn of John, Douglas and Maurice Steiger located near Red Lake Falls, Minnesota. Order Online
Red Tractors 1958-2013
The Authoritative Guide to Farmall, International Harvester and Case IH Farm Tractors in the Modern Era
Red Tractors 1958-2013 In this substantial volume Farmall, International Harvester and Case-IH tractors built from 1958 to 2013 are covered with in-depth information about how these tractors were designed and constructed. The story traces the innovations and struggles of the final days of Farmall and International Harvester, and then the exciting story of the creation of the Case-IH Magnum, an innovative machine that blends some of the great engineering done by International Harvester in the their final days with thoughtful engineering additions and refinements from the newly blended team. Order Online
Big Tractors Big Tractors This book introduces children to the world of modern farming, showing how the biggest, most powerful tractors handle the demanding jobs of pulling and powering on the  It is filled with colorful action photography, fun illustrations and a cast of cartoon equipment characters. Narrated by Casey the farmer and Tillus the worm, Big Tractors teaches readers how Big Red and Sammy the two biggest tractors on the farm use their powerful muscles to work in the field with the rest of the team. Learn about the science of farming and discover how advanced technology makes Big Red and Sammy special. Recommended for ages 4-8 . Order Online
150 Years Of J.I. Case

Red Tractors 1958-2013 Inventor Jerome Increase Case founded Case in Racine in 1842 to build threshing machines. It was a humble beginning for a company that would eventually become the first builder of steam engines for agricultural use, and eventually emerge as the world's largest maker of steam engines. In this book, farm equipment expert and historian C.H. Wendel chronicles all the developments, innovations, and history that have made the Case name a giant in the world of farming. Order Online
Tractor Mac Harvest Time Tractor Mac Harvest Time It's time for the Pumpkin Picking Festival! Everyone is excited except Tractor Mac and Small Fred, a neighbor tractor. Tractor Mac dreads the job of helping harvest apples and Small Fred struggles with pulling the heavy wagon to the pumpkin patch. Pumpkins roll, apples fly and a twist of fate helps the work get done. Order Online
Tractor Mac Farm Days Tractor Mac Farm Days Join Tractor Mac on a day on the farm as he uses many different tools and farm implements for his daily chores. Brightly illustrated with easy to read text--this board book introduces the very youngest readers to the world of Tractor Mac and his friends. Order Online
Busted Tractors and Rusty Knuckles: Norwegian Torque Wrench Techniques and Other Fine Points of Tractor Restoration Busted Tractors and Rusty Knuckles Well-known humorist and columnist Roger Welsch recalls with wit the missteps, mishaps, and local characters he encountered along the way to fixing up a pile of rusty sheet metal to a beautifully restored Allis Chalmers WC he lovingly refers to as Woodpecker. Listen-in as Roger tells the humorous story of the challenge that led to the Woodpeckers restoration, and the victory party that followed. Order Online
Full Steam Ahead, J.I. Case Tractors & Equipment 1842-1955 Full Steam Ahead Step back in time and relive more than 100 years of Case farm machinery from threshing machines and steam engines to gas tractors and even Case cars. Highlights include the two-cylinder tractor, Crossmotor tractor, Grey Era, and Flambeau Series. Histories of the product lines Case acquired from the Grand Detour Plow Company are also featured in this exciting history of Case tractors and equipment. Contains 700 photos, many in full color, appendices, sales data, serial numbers, Nebraska Tractor Test results, and specifications. Order Online
Tractors of the World Tractors of the World Tractors of the World covers the field from the early steam-driven monsters to the traditional "two large, two small" wheel configuration; the Row Crop models with two small front wheels placed close together and two large rear wheels; and finally to the ultimate modern, four-wheel-drive, multigeared, mega-beasts with GPS devices and onboard computers. Order Online
The Big Book of Farm Tractors: The Complete History of the Tractor 1855 to Present ... Plus Brochures, Collectibles and Lore The first large-format book to chronicle the entire history of American farm tractors--from the steam power of the 1850s to the current offerings from New Holland, AGCO, John Deere, Caterpillar, and more.  Organized by chronological chapters and themes that explore such developments as the gas engines, crawlers, the first four-wheel drives, orphan tractors, and modern articulated machines, this is a complete and comprehensive look at the machinery that forever changed farming. Order Online
Illustrated Directory of Tractors Illustrated Directory of Tractors
This fact-packed A_Z reference features extensive data (including dimensions, performance, and model variants) on more than 200 of the greatest farm and industrial tractors from the early 20th century to the present day, not to mention hundreds of photos, most of them in color, illustrating tractors from legendary manufacturers like John-Deere, Farmall, Allis-Chalmers, Oliver, Caterpillar, Ford, and many others. In addition, each tractor is accompanied by expert commentaries detailing its development and service histories. Order Online
Fantastic Farm Machines Fantastic Farm Machines
Dairy farmer and author Cris Peterson introduces readers to twelve big pieces of farm machinery that help get the job done. There are tractors with eight wheels and tires big enough to stand in. There are skid steers with buckets for lifting every imaginable thing. There are sprayers that look like huge prehistoric birds. And there are computers on board to bring many machines into the modern age. The day-to-day business of growing and harvesting crops for food is brought to dramatic life as readers see farmers and their machinery hard at work.. Order Online
J.I. Case Agricultural & Construction Equipment 1956-1994 J.I. Case Agricultural & Construction Equipment 1956-1994 Authors Tom Stonehouse and Eldon Brumbaugh offer this insiders account of the Case Company. Find out why the focus shifted to the larger tractors; what influenced the design and manufacture of construction equipment; how the acquisition of IH in 1985 impacted the Case line; and how Case went full circle to become one of the leading full-line ag manufacturers in the 1990s. An absolutely unforgettable tale, told with engaging text, over 500 photos (more than 250 in color), and appendix. Order Online
Legendary Farmall Tractors: A Photographic History Legendary Farmall Tractors: A Photographic History The first general-purpose tractor with narrowly spaced front wheels, the original Farmall was designed to do fine-tuned field cultivation as well as anything a team of farm horses could do—in short, to “farm all.” The rest is history, even legend, in the agriculture industry—a legend that unfolds in these pages in full color and sharp detail. This big book features five hundred photographs of Farmall tractors, from that first experimental model introduced in 1924, through the classic lineup of International Harvester models that bore the Farmall name, to the last one to roll off the assembly line (the landmark five-millionth tractor produced at the Farmall plant in Illinois). Order Online
How to Paint Tractors & Trucks How to Paint Tractors & Trucks
Whether you're restoring a John Deere or an old Chevy pickup truck, they both need fresh paint.  This book explains the various types of paints available for tractors and trucks, from brush-on enamel to the latest two-stage urethane. Ten chapters include information on: Choosing and using a spray gun, how to set up a temporary booth with adequate air movement, and the importance of overlapping each pass with the spray gun. The paint job itself stats with good metal preparation, followed by the application of filler and then the first coats of primer. All the steps, from bare metal to finish paint, are explained, and the illustrated in the Shop Sequences. Order Online
Illustrated Buyer's Guide: Case Tractors Illustrated Buyer's Guide: Case Tractors This updated edition of the first-ever Case buyer's guide expands on its predecessor to encompass all collectible models from the Paterson/Case experiment of 1892 to the present, including Case's first gas-powered models, the Crossmotor tractors, Standard and Row Crop models, and Desert Sunset and Flambeau Red tractors. Order Online
Legendary Farm Tractors: A Photographic History Legendary Farm Tractors The book contains more color photographs of more types of farm tractors than any other on the market. More than 640 photographs of tractors from the USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan-models from the 1880s to today are presented along with detailed captions. The tractors are organized alphabetically by make so readers can find their favorites easily. The extensive variety of material and the distinguished photographs by noted photographer Andrew Morland make this an exceptionally value-rich package that will appeal to tractor buffs.  Order Online
How to Rebuild and Restore Farm Tractor Engines Internationally recognized old tractor expert Spencer Yost guides readers through all the ins and outs of restoring old tractor engines, from removal to painting and reinstallation. The book covers the most popular two-, four- and six-cylinder gas-burning engines, with special sections on diesel and propane-powered tractors. An appendix lists parts suppliers, reference materials, and restoration shops. Order Online
The Ultimate American Farm Tractor Data Book: Nebraska Test Tractors 1920-1960 Nearly every American tractor built from 1920 through 1960 is covered in this comprehensive collection of major specifications and ratings. The listings are thoroughly cross-referenced and indexed by make. Data featured includes Nebraska Tractor Test results and all the specifications the owner or tractor fan needs to know--bore, stroke, years of manufacture, height and length, weight, horsepower, and more. Order Online
Farmall Letter Series Tractors This volume is a splendid collection of 200 color photographs that exhibits how the popular Farmall tractors looked when they rolled off the showroom floors across the nation. Stylish and modern, the tractors hit the market at a time of unprecedented demand (1939-1954), and later a postwar boom drove sales to heights that are still unlikely to be topped. 200 color illustrations. Order Online
Farmall Tractors Powerful and reliable Farmall tractors helped revolutionize agriculture from the 1920s to today. This exceptional color gallery spotlights the popular and beloved Farmall F, M, and H models, as well as the Titan, Mogul and Regular models at work, at play and fully restored. Order Online
Vintage Case Tractors Jerome Increase Case was one of the great pioneers of North American agriculture, alongside John Deere, Cyrus Hall McCormick, and Henry Ford. He founded the venerable J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company in 1842 and soon established its headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin. Case has been celebrated for its threshers, steam and gas tractors, and a full line of farming implements that are sold throughout the world. Packed with historical photos, full-color contemporary shots of collectible tractors, and period advertisements, this book offers a fascinating retrospective of Case's legacy. The photos and detailed captions trace the history of Case, highlighting differences in design and styling and showcasing a wide variety of machines from the most popular models to the rarest, little-known oddities. Order Online
Case Photographic History Case Photographic History This book is a treat for J.I. CASE enthusiasts, full of photos and advertising for tractors and implements. Covers J.I. CASE history from steam to diesel, and continues through the development of implements. Order Online
Farm Engines and 
How to Run Them 
A Simple, Practical 
Handbook for Experts 
and Amateurs
Originally published in the early 1900s, this classic, comprehensive handbook was intended to assist young engineers as they prepared for their licensing examinations.  In addition to several hundred actual questions and answers that were given as part of many exams, Farm Engines and How to Run Them fully describes every part of a farm engine and boiler, giving complete directions for the safe and economical management of both. Order Online
How To Restore Classic Farm Tractors: The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Guide to Rebuilding and Restoring Tractors A restoration guide with the kind of detail needed for a first class job. "How to Restore Classic Farm Tractors" is packed with hundreds of helpful full-color photographs, proven tips and techniques, and money-saving advice from restorers who know what works . . . and what doesn't.  This guide walks readers step-by-step through the complete restoration of their tractor from disassembly to engine rebuild, from electrics to painting and final detailing. There's even a handy section on parts sources. Order Online
How To Restore Your Farm Tractor For fun, practicality or profit, farm tractor restoration has become extremely popular. Follow two tractors through professional restorations and examine carbs, diesel systems, hydraulics, engines and drives, electrical, PTOs, and more, from buying a tractor to final paint and decals. Do it right and that classic will last for generations to come. It increased my knowledge tenfold. I was impressed by the wealth of detail. Order Online
100 Years of Vintage Farm Tractors: A Century of Tractor Tales and Heartwarming Family Farm Memories
100 Years of Vintage Farm Tractors
"100 Years of Vintage Farm Tractors" is devoted to die-hard tractor fans who "get it"--those who get excited restoring, reading about and reveling in images of beloved farm tractors--from gas-powered tractors to Poppin' Johnnies and Minne-Mos, from Farmalls to Fordsons. See commentary in Rural DeliveryOrder Online
Standard Catalog of Farm Tractors 1890 to 1960 This exhaustive reference work offers histories of more than 900 different tractor makers: Case, John Deere, Allis-Chalmers, Ford, plus hundreds of obscure tractor companies. Order Online
Oliver Tractor Data Book Put everything you need to know about Oliver tractors in your hip pocket! All Oliver and Hart-Parr tractors and crawlers from 1924 to 1964 are covered in detail, with serial number listings for the last of the Oliver tractors produced in the late 1960s. Exhaustively researched at the Floyd County Museum and Historical Society in Charles City, Iowa, this book details everything from serial numbers, production figures, and tune-up specifications to optional equipment, Nebraska Tractor Test data, and model variations. Includes serial numbers, dates of manufacture, known options, original prices, and more. The tractor versions include the collectible models, generally those built from the teens to the sixties. Order Online
The Field Guide to Vintage Farm Tractors The most complete and first four-color pocket guidebook to vintage farm tractors! With its brief histories, model runs, specification details, and eye-catching color photos of tractors highlighting 27 manufacturers and more than 500 models, series, and variations of vintage tractors, this convenient, easy-to-use field guide puts a wealth of information right into the hands of tractor buffs everywhere. This complete reference work covers tractors from the United States and Canada from 1900-1960. Order Online
This Old Tractor : A Treasury of Vintage Tractors and Family Farm Memories  Order Online
Farmall Cub & Cadet Farmall Cub & Cadet From their inception in the 1940s through the end of production, this book discusses in detail the popular Farmall Cub, Bug Lo-Boy, and much-needed coverage of the Cub Cadet line. Amazing archival color images, advertisements, and detailed text deliver hard-to-find information on the development and design evolution of each model. Complete with implements, uses and improvements, serial number dates and codes, engine and carburetor coverage. Order Online
Vintage International Harvester Tractors International Harvester's Farmall tractor revolutionized farming around the world. Introduced in 1922, it was an inexpensive, lightweight, general-purpose, row-crop tractor that could literally farm all. Through the years, the Farmall became one of the world's most popular tractors. This book showcases collectible International Harvester tractors from the 1910s to the 1960s, including the famous Farmall, as well as other International Harvester and McCormick-Deering models. Order Online
International Harvester Tractor Data Book This guide contains an incredible amount of information about IH tractors, and is just the sort of thing a collector would want to pack along in a hip pocket to a show or auction. Order Online
Antique Tractor Bible This completely illustrated volume contains helpful advice on choosing a brand and model, plus an explanation of how the tractor's basic systems work. 300 illustrations. Order Online
Old Tractors and the Men Who Love Them: How to Keep Your Tractors Happy and Your Family Running Anyone who has spent more time than they care to admit in the garage will enjoy noted humorist Roger Welsch's exploration of the do's and don'ts of tractor restoration. He offers invaluable advice and discusses resources, tools, shop equipment, and the relationship that develops between old machines and their owners. Order Online.
Old Tractors Never Die: Roger's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Ageless Iron Roger Welsch shares his humor and unique outlook on one of his favorite subjects: farm tractors. This collection of humorous essays-from the pages of Successful Farming Magazine and Ageless Iron-about tractors, and collecting and restoring them, is sure to appeal to tractor fans nationwide. Includes amusing photos of Rog with his tractors. Order Online
Encyclopedia of American Farm: Implements & Antiques: Roger's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Ageless Iron Encyclopedia of American Farm: Implements & Antiques Discover the fascinating history of the machinery, tools, and implements used on farms on a daily basis. C. H. Wendel documents farm machinery from manufacturers large and small, from the beginnings of the industry in the 1800's through the technological advances of the 1950's. Listings are organized alphabetically, and include an overview of the implement or tool and the most popular brands associated with it, as well as a brief historical summary explaining its intended uses. You get the full story about corn planters, corn pickers, and combines, with sections on farm engines, steam traction engines, trucks, tractors, farmhouse items and much more. Order Online
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