Vegan Dream

Vegan Dream
Bayside, California
Sample Pack
6 @ 1 oz each
2 Hickory Pepper
2 Cowgirl
2 Hot Chili Pepper

The idea of Vegetarian "Beef-Less" Jerky originally came to Mark Turman one day in 1995 while he was walking through Eureka Natural Foods. Inspired by his idea, he began by combining special ingredients with a soybean base and came up with a perfect imitation of real beef jerky. Mark made the jerky at his home and worked on perfecting the recipe. In 1998, Mark sold the company to his friend, Eleanor White.

Vegan Dream is committed to producing a quality product that is preservative free, fat-free and high in protein. Vegan Dream will continue to provide a gourmet jerky to all vegetarians and omnivores alike!

Vegan Dream 
P.O. Box 700
Bayside, CA 95524


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