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Tips and Resources

Preserving Flowers
Some flowers are easy to preserve: baby's breath, celosia, yarrow, statice, globe amaranth, strawflower and artemesia.  But every flower responds differently to drying and preserving. Experiment to get the results you want with the flowers you have. More...
Herb Swag Herb Swag

Saving Seeds
As fall approaches, enthusiastic gardeners want to store seed for next year's production. Before you decide to save seed from your plants, it's important to consider whether saving seed will get you the type of plants you want. More....

Mind Your Mulch
Mulches can be an effective way to make soil moisture "last longer" in landscape and garden. They are frequently used in the landscape to conserve water by reducing weed growth, minimizing evaporation, and retaining moisture. Mulching can reduce rotting by keeping vegetables such as squash and tomatoes out of contact with soil. Organic mulches also lessen soil compaction, slow down erosion and improve soil texture when later tilled into the soil.. More...

The Benefits of Earthworms
1. The constant tunneling of earthworms allows the free passage of air into and out of the soil. 2. Worms' burrowing also breaks up the hard pan and plow sole created by mechanical tillage. More...

Time to Order Fall Bulbs
As summer begins to wane, it is time to decide which spring flowering bulbs you want to add to your landscape. You need to select good quality bulbs for planting, paying attention to size and firmness. More...

Marilyn Waters the Lawn
Marilyn Waters the Lawn
Lawn Care During Drought
Irrigate your lawn efficiently and effectively to get the most benefit from the water you're using. Irrigate when you see the signs of moisture stress — a dull and blue-green color, folded leaf blades, wilted blades or when your family's footprints remain visible in the grass... More... 

Spacing Plants in Rows
After choosing a garden site, the next step is to plan the arrangement of crops in the garden. Proper spacing between rows is important to allow for growth of plants, ease of cultivation, and efficient use of space. More.
ATV Planter
ATV Planter

Lawnmower Bites
Lawnmower Bites
Lawnmower Bites, Kills Tree
The lawn mower was supposed to circle the newly planted sapling, but instead it struck the base. Oops! Is that a problem? Yes, it is. Unlike skin, wounds that reach below the bark don't heal.  At best, the trunk seals off the injury, but there is no repair in the sense that our skin repairs itself.  Bark will form a callus along the edge of the wound, but it rarely can bridge the break.  The trunk typically loses the bark in the injured area... More...

Cultivating a Cutting Garden
Cutting gardens, which were a normal part of Victorian gardens, are made up of a variety of annuals and perennials, both flowering and foliage, that can be used in flower arrangements. Today, they can fill the need for fresh-cut flowers, either for the home or to offer as a gift. More...

Farmer with Hoe
Farmer with Hoe
Preparing Soil
To prepare earth for seeds or small plants or for filling pots or window boxes, mix one part by bulk of well-rotted manure, two parts of good garden loam, and one part of sharp fine sand. More...

Starting a Garden from Seed
Growing plants from seed can save gardeners money and vastly increase the varieties that can be grown in a backyard garden. Gardeners can grow several transplants for the price of a few, store-bought plants, and the selection of varieties for sale is often limited. Seed should be started six to eight weeks prior to transplant time. More...
Seed Starting Kit
Seed Starting Kit

   Organic Strawberry Farm Organic Strawberry Farm Organic Production Guides
Free organic production guides are now available for farmers. The guides provide information on how to produce certified organic apples, blueberries, grapes, lettuce, potatoes, spinach, strawberries and cole crops, including cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.. More...

  • Ferns Freshen Flats
  • Saving Holiday Gift Plants
  • Tabletop Christmas Trees
  • Gifts for Gardeners
  • Overwintering Geraniums
  • Selecting Holiday Plants
  • Preventing Sunscald
  • Preparing a Lawn for Winter
  • Stopping Squash Bugs
  • Rabbit Resistant Flowers
  • Potted Perennials in Winter
  • Planting Fall Wildflowers
  • Planting a Second Crop
  • Knowing What's What in the Garden
  • Trellis Home Vegetables
  • Preventing Thatch
  • How to Mulch a Tree
  • Cross-Pollinating Cherry Trees
  • Talking to Plants
  • Planning a Water Garden
  • Nectar Plants that Attract Hummingbirds
  • The Many Varieties of Tomato
  • Arbor Day Tree Planting
  • Allergenic Plants
  • Growing Asparagus
  • Constructing a Berry Bed
  • Extending Harvest With Spring Planting
  • Clearing the Air with Houseplants
  • Time to Plant Asparagus
  • Girdling and Ringing
  • Autumn Tree Planting
  • Beware of Toxic Carrots
  • Don't Dress Tree Wounds
  • Time to Order Fall Bulbs
  • Don't Feed a Tree That Isn't Hungry
  • Pruning Flowering Shrubs
  • Helping Drought-Stressed Trees
  • Planting for Hummingbirds
  • Horticulture Lexicon
  • Seed Catalogs
  • Hold the Salt and Save the Plants
  • Is it a Yam or a Sweet Potato?
  • Site Selection for Roses
  • Add Silicon in the Greenhouse
  • Garden Anywhere With a Compost Sock
  • Growing Heirlooms
  • Time to Plant Garlic
  • Dividing Perennials
  • Cutting Lawn Care Costs
  • Pruning Lilacs
  • Autumn Tree Planting 
  • Adding Color to Autumn Landscapes
  • Grow Your Own Starts
  • Home Gardening Crop Rotations
  • Signs of Drought Stress in Conifers
  • Crape Murder!
  • Blending Grasses for Year-Round Lawn
  • Growing Corn
  • Moving Houseplants Outdoors
  • Recycling Christmas Trees
  • Brighten Winter With Holly
  • Living Christmas Trees
  • Letting Leaves Lie
  • Potted Perennials in Winter
  • Big Trees Felled By Tiny Fungi
  • The Benefits of Earthworms
  • Aphid Control Without Chemicals
  • Saving Rainfall
  • Selecting and Using a Lawn Spreader
  • Revealing Signs of Spring
  • Preventing Herbicide Horrors
  • Prepare Ornamental Grasses for Spring
  • Growing Oaks from Acorns
  • Tips for Growing Tomatoes by the Ton
  • Saving on Beneficials
  • Planning a Water Garden
  • Diagnosing Plant Ailments
  • A Choice of Tomatoes
  • Creating a Container Herb Garden
  • Shade Tree Care
  • Good Trees for Successful Lawns
  • Small Space Gardening
  • Growing Blueberries
  • Composting Yard Waste
  • Planting for Deer Resistance
  • A Glossary of Gardens
  • Fire Ant Control in the Fall
  • Identifying Emerald Ash Borer
  • Winterizing Irrigation Systems
  • Remove Grass Clippings, or Not?
  • Testing Garden Soil
  • Alternative Evergreens
  • When to Prune
  • Protecting Evergreens in Winter
  • Tips on Watering Trees in Fall
  • Planting Fall Flowers
  • Spring Lawn Mower Maintenance
  • Forcing Bulbs for Winter Blooms
  • Creating a Container Flower Garden
  • Ornamental Grasses Stand Up To Winter
  • Frost Seeding
  • Preserving Poinsettia
  • The Virtual Greenhouse
  • Keeping Out the Kudzu Bugs
  • Taking Care of Raspberry Plants in Fall
  • Scouting Key to Mole Control
  • Extending Harvest With Spring Planting
  • Turning Up the Heat in Peppers
  • When Fruit Trees Bear No Fruit
  • Xeriscaping
  • Attracting Butterflies to Gardens
  • Apple-Free Crabapples
  • Watering Plants
  • Deck Gardening
  • Soil Sampling
  • Crop Rotation in the Garden
  • Seedless Watermelons
  • Spring Lawn Mower Maintenance
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    Paradise in Plain Sight

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    The Winter Harvest Handbook

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    Light Sensing in Plants

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    Garden Bucket Caddy

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