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Tips on Watering Trees in Fall
Boy Watering Tree There's a lot of confusion as to when to water and when not to water trees and shrubs. Watering at the wrong time could increase winter damage and weaken your plants. 

So timing is a little tricky, but it's not complicated.

August was the time to slack off watering your trees and shrubs. Excess water at that time of year can keep the plants lush.  Plants that are fat and happy in August are too soft for winter.

But when the leaves have fallen, the tops of the plants are dormant. This is the time to water your woody plants deeply to help them survive the winter.

After the leaves have dropped, give trees and shrubs an inch of water each week until the ground freezes. The roots -- still active in autumn -- absorb the water and use it to replace water lost from the plant during the winter.

If you made a basin around the base of the plant to hold water during summer months, punch a hole in it now so water can drain away and not freeze around the plant.

Source: Dr. Bob 

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