The Legend of ZELDA
The WindWaker
Game Review

Rating    ****

Talk about hard to beat. A new fun and challenging game has just come out for Nintendo Gamecube. I consider it one of the best games that I have. You can never get tired of it because if your stuck you can just explore at sea, fight pirates, find buried treasure and a whole lot more. Hints: If you start twisting down a whirlpool with a sea monster in the middle, take out your canon and immediately start firing at it’s eyes. On the little island of outlook, one of your missions is to go around to the back side of outlook there is a different type of whirlpool and there is a rock that is outside the whirlpool that you are supposed to hit. When you go to the enemies fortress the 1st and 2nd time, when you are in the circle area look for a staircase and ascend it then turn left and through the door because it is kind of like a shortcut too your destination.

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