The Hobbit
Game Review
The Hobbit

Rating    ****

Do you want a game that is totally awesome and has high packed adventure? Well if so I have just the game for you. The Hobbit will expand your imagination in the world of discovery. The beginning is a little boring because you don’t have the sword and all you do have is your trusty walking stick. But the stick is still full of surprises. The level ups are also cool as well as the abilities that you learn.
The problem is that you can’t jump from long distances. When I started playing this game I was in to Legend of Zelda and in that game you could jump off a two story building and only lose one forth of your health. Well I jumped a measly ten feet and lost all my health! Another bad thing was that on sneaking around levels the people that you are hiding from can see through cracks. 
But that dose make the game a little bit more fun and challenging. Altogether it is one of the most fun games I have.

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