Sonic 2: Adventure Battle
Game Review

Rating   ****½
Rated E For violence and mild lyrics

Sonic’s best gear sends you into a whirlpool of fun with almost 10 hours of game play or more. (If you’re raising Chao) You raise your Chao by hand. Take your Chao to school that is more like a day care than anything else. If your Chao gets sick, take your Chao to the doctor. You can also give your Chao a lucky name and buy him food at the black shop. This addition puts you through what your parents are going through. Engage your Chaos in Chao karate. Cool things that look like walking balloons. Chao karate: Chao attacking each other in comical ways. Chao win by diminishing their opponent’s health or knocking them out of the arena. In Chao race, Chao act like they have to go to the bathroom while running toward a goal. They glide, swim in a drowning type fashion, climb, and run. Once past the beginners level, hard times lay ahead.

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