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Are you interested in War craft but your parents say you can’t play it because the game is teen and civilization is too lame that you become utterly bored? Well there is still hope. Try a game called Majesty. Majesty is fun and has great graphics. It is a little difficult to win at first but after a little skill and practice you may be ready to go on to advanced. The game is about an ever-growing nation in need of friends, allies, and power. One thing some players may not like is that you can’t control your units. If you want them to attack a creature you must ether hope they attach the foul beast or you can place a bounty on it and hope you can get your money back. I like this aspect of the game because I think it makes the game more challenging. If you get the northern expantion and you see a beginer level it is actualy harder than what you think a beginer level would be. It is because it is a beguiner for a person who has defeated all the southern levels.
 One of the concepts I like most about Majesty is that I can build a temple to Krypta and then that structure will recruit units and those units will rise the dead and create even more unites. The newly risen units are called skeletons but I am still not sure how to get zombies. One way to get any type of unit is to get a temple to these little furry guys and then when they are recruited they are just full of possibilities They can do a attack where they can use vines to freeze a enemy in there tracks, another one is to use a type of camoflage that can change there apearence but not their attack so them attacking ruins it a little bit, and finally they can make a enemy turn sides. This last attack is quite handy if you have a lot of money and you are facing eye beasts (that isn’t what they are called but I just like to call them that) or rock monsters (same thing with this name as the last one) you as in yourself, cam conjure up that spell and soon you cave a gigantic army of rock monsters to do your bidding. This come extremely usefull on a level that you keep getting beseiged on by various creatures. 
 If you want to get through the game fast you can use these cheats. At any time during game play and you want to play a cheat just press enter and type in the code. The codes are:
          Name                  Action
          Grow up              Level character up five
          Fill this bag         Money increased 10,000

 These cheats came in great use to me and I hope they will to you. 

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