Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
Game Review

Rating    *****

If you want a Fun action racing game that totally rocks, well I have just the game for you. Need for Speed: Hot pursuit 2 is the best game I have. It’s awesome and never gets boring. When you are driving and you are going 100 miles per hour it really looks like you are. A few of my favorite things to do on the courses are: going of jumps to get big air, crashing into cars head long witch makes them go flying, (it especially works well on cops that are speeding) and finding shortcuts. 
 There is almost a shortcut in every level. On one level there is a short cut through restaurants, on another there is a short cut through the famous redwoods. The shortcuts very because of the scenery around you. My favorite car is the Mercedes. I also like the Chevy.
 Being a cop is fun. I like to call in a helicopter and see the speeders car go flying. Altogether this game is one of my favorite games.

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