Backyard Football
Game Review

Rating    ****

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Cool! If what your looking for is awesome sports action, your looking at the right game. Backyard Football is a game that is worth playing over. If while you are playing and you make a really excellent play and have a huge tackle, then click start and go to replay. Then you can see it as slow as you want it or as close as you want it and go to where your guy got tackled and zoom in and see the funny expression on the guy‘s face as he gets tackled. You will also need at least four blocks of memory to save a season. If you want a really good team move the control stick up and switch between the best of all the topics. My favorite guy is Ponablo nickname Secret Weapon. I like his speed and other things but I especially like his cool victory touchdown dance. All together I this game is one of the best games I have.


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