The remarkable identification aluminum stake

The Garden Marker With No Bad Habits

Fully Guaranteed

Why Buy a Garden Name Tag?
  • gardens become on-site encyclopedias of care
  • no need to miss critical garden cycles
  • no need to carry cumbersome reminders around the garden or notes that may get lost or water washed.
  • Name that plant!

    Available in three sizes

    • 3"(7.6cm)
    • 6" (15cm)
    • 10" (25cm)
    This remarkable stake is strong enough to use as a digger!
    On one side,write proper botanical names to identify, error-free, the plant you love.

    On the other side write when to water, fertilize, cut to dry, prune, when plant was planted, when it flowers each year (no two years are the same in a garden), germination and harvesting dates, winter care.

    "A Spot to Remember"
    Wyndvale Heights Farm
    P.O. Box 46
    Heathcote, ON 
    Canada N0H1N0
    phone: 416-223-7570 
    Hanging and Staking

    We are really excited about our labels. Because they are prepared from our own dye mould, we made some changes that our customers are going to love and find extremely useful. 

    Designed for trees, and taller plant items, it has the same tapered shape, however at its narrow end it has a hole in it so that it can be hung from taller objects. The larger end will be visible at eye height, or higher. Simply attach with coated wire. 

    Now we absolutely know there is nothing else like this strong, sleek, and rustproof garden marker.

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