Torta di Formaggio Fresco

In Grow Food, Cook Food, Share Food, Ken Albala describes Bartolomeo Stafani's recipe for cheesecake as "the epitome of Baroque cuisine."
Take three pounds of cheese and pound in a mortar, making sure it's fat enough, and add a pound an a half of rich ricotta, a pound of pine nuts that have been soaked in rose water, and pound everything together. 

Add a pound of cream, 10 egg yolks, half ounce of cinnamon and 6 ounces of sugar, mix everything well, make a fine pastry leaf, and a pan of the right size buttered, and place on the leaf, then the composition and cook it in an oven.

It's served hot with sugar on top.


Grow Food, Cook Food, Share Food
Grow Food, Cook Food, Share Food
Perspectives on Eating from the Past and a Preliminary Agenda for the Future

Pastry Leaves
Pastry Leaves


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