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Make a Tabletop Christmas Tree

Little Christmas trees, whether crafted or living, make pleasant household decorations during the holidays. And, for those without the space or inclination for a full-size tree, a miniature can serve as the center for gift-giving activities.

The crepe paper tree at right was featured in the
Christmas Make-it Book by Barbara Baer, published in 1954.

Christmas Make-It Book
Christmas Make-it Book
by Barbara Baer
This tree has for an underpinning a 14-inch candle and candle base.

You cut 6 strips of white crepe paper across the fold, each a different size as follows: 10
½ by 52 inches; 8½ by 32 inches; 6 by 24 inches; 4 by 14 inches; 2½ by 9½ inches; and 2 by 6½ inches.

Fold each strip for convenience in cutting, and pin through the center. Scallop both edges with scissors.

Fold the scalloped edges so that the top scallop meets the dip of the underneath scallop.

Affix a star to the center of each scallop, graduating  the sizes.

Gather all the ruffles, slip spoolwire between each gathered strip, leaving the wire end long enough to fasten around the trunk.

Cut slits in the cardboard circles so they will fit over the candle.

Cover the candle base with metallic paper.

Place the candle in the base and slip the cardboard circle down the candle to within 2 inches of the base.

Fasten the largest ruffle around the candle directly over the circle, which will hold the ruffle out.

Fasten the rest of the circles and ruffles and space evenly.

Place 2 red gummed stars back to back over the candle wick.


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