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Repair Tennis Shoes

According to Stanley Schuler's "How to Fix Almost Everything," holes in canvas tennis shoes can be repaired by cutting a small round patch of canvas and coating it with Devcon Patch glue and applying it to the hole on the outside of the shoe.

Rubber torn loose from canvas?

"Coat rubber and canvas with Pliobond cement and let dry. Then apply a second coat of cement to both surfaces and press together when cement is tacky."

Hole in the sole or sole thin?

"Clean thoroughly with gasoline or benzine. Roughen surface with sandpaper. Fill with plastic rubber or So-Lo rubber. Let dry 24 hours. Note: since plastic rubber is black, this repair looks good only on dark soles."

How To Fix Almost Everything

How To Fix Almost Everything

by Stanley Schuler
Dolphin Books, 1966

Tells you how you can mend, repair, refurbish, and put in running order almost everything in or around your house - from how to mend a zipper to how to repair a hole in the gas tank of your car; from how to repair a broken doll to ways to fix a hole in a fiber-glass boar.


Pliobond cement

Gorilla Glue
Gorilla Glue

Shoe Repair Glue
Shoe Repair Glue

Shoe Goo
Shoe Goo

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