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Make a Twisted Wire Bangle
This gilding metal bangle provides a solution to the problem of what to do with the crushed ends of wire that have been gripped in the vise during twisting. In this project, the loose ends are eliminated by joining them in a long loop to be twisted between two steel rods. The necessary force can therefore be applied without damage to the round wire.

1 File both ends of the gilding metal wire flat using the hole in the bench peg. Form the wire into a double loop and bind with wire temporarily. This will make it easier to line up the ends for soldering Use hard solder to join up the ends of the wire.

2 Open the wire so that it forms a continuous loop. Hold one steel rod in a vise and place a loop over the rod. Pull the loop with the other rod and begin twisting. Arrange for the join to be at one end.

3 Anneal and continue twisting until the metal  has a rope-like appearance If one end begins to twist more tightly than the other, stop and twist from the other end. Solder the twists together at the ends, leaving a loop at either end.

4 Open out the loops and make them round by placing them over a hole in a wood or metal block and tapping in a tapered mandrel.
5 Planish each end until the area around the holes is an even thickness. Now ball up some scraps of silver until you have two beads that fit your loops perfectly. This process may take several attempts. Solder each bead into place from the back, using four pallions of easy solder. Polish, using a strip of wood as a support, then bend to shape around a former such as a rolling pin.

.14 x X6 in (360 x 1.5mm) gilding metal wire 
.Hand file 
.Bench peg 
.Binding wire 
.Soldering equipment 
.Two steel rods 
.Annealing equipment 
.Tapered mandrel 
.Block of wood or 
metal with a series of holes 
.Planishing hammer and flat stake 
.Scraps of silver 
.Polishing equipment 
.Round former

Excerpted from Jewelry Making: Tips and Tricks of the Trade
by Stephen O'Keeffe
published by Krause Publications

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