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Make Herbal Vinegars

Herbal vinegars can be made with any type of vinegar. The vinegar used will depend on the choice of herbs and the cooking uses of the herbal vinegar. Some of the choices include:

White wine vinegar, which works well with herbs that color the vinegar. Red wine vinegar, which pairs well with strong flavored herbs. Rice wine vinegar, sherry vinegar and other specialty vinegars each have a distinct flavor. Distilled white vinegar has a sharper taste than wine vinegars.

Start with a clean, sterile jar to steep the vinegar in.

Use at least 1/2 cup of fresh herbs for every cup of vinegar to ensure the herbal flavor.

Wash herbs well, pat dry.

Add herbs to the jar. Bruise them by mixing with the handle of a wooden spoon.

Microwave vinegar on high for 2 minutes, then pour over the herbs. Do not allow vinegar to touch metal.

Seal the jar with a non-reactive (plastic) lid and allow the herbal vinegar to steep for one week in a dark space, giving it a shake occasionally to stir up the herbs and vinegar.

After one week, check for taste. If it isn’t strong enough, let it steep for another week.

Once it reaches the desired flavor, decant the mixture into a distinctive glass bottle or clean jar.

Use a funnel, and either a double layer of cheesecloth or a coffee filter to filter out small pieces of herbs or stems.  Strain into the new bottle or jar, cover tightly, and use within one year.

Herbal vinegar may be refrigerated or stored on the kitchen counter.

For gift-giving, add fresh sprigs of herbs to the bottle for a decorative effect. Tie a bit of raffia around the nexk of the bottle, attach a gift card with recipes a instructions for usage.
Using Herbal Vinegars

Herbal vinegars are most often used in making salad dressings, but they can also be used to brighten up the flavor of sauces or stews.

Favorite Herbs
for Herbal Vinegars
    * Basil
    * Chived
    * Garlic
    * Marjoram
    * Parsley
    * Rosemary
    * Sage
    * Savory
    * Tarragon
    * Thyme
Favorite Vinegars
for Herbal Vinegars
    * Apple cider vinegar
    * Champagne vinegar
    * Red wine vinegar
    * Rice wine vinegar
    * Sherry vinegar

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