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Do you have a hobby that leads to the creation of a useful and possibly salable product? Pottery, perhaps, or pies or pesto?

Ever wondered how much you could profit from selling the products you make?

White Dove Farm Passion FruitYou can test the market for your goods in an inexpensive yet far-reaching manner by leasing a Booth at Farmer’s Market Online or a basic Listing on the Buy Direct Directory, where more than 3,000 shoppers a day come to look for handmade, home-grown, custom-crafted and farm-raised products available direct from the producer.

Selling or taking orders for your product online has three distinct advantages:

   1. Low Overhead. You do not need to invest in a large quantity of your product, as you would in preparation for an on-site market or a wholesaler.
   2. High Return. At Farmer’s Market Online, we charge no commissions on sales. Shoppers buy directly from each vendor, who receives 100% of the sale price.
   3. Carbon Neutral. Sales can be made directly from your home or office. You do not have to travel unless you want to, and deliveries can be made directly to the buyer’s location.

If you lease a Booth ($150 for 5 months, or $250 per year), we will construct it from information that you provide. Corrections or changes can be made at any time during the lease at no additional charge. All you’ll need to do is respond to email, phone or postal mail inquiries from shoppers and fulfill their orders.

Credit card sales are welcome, but not necessary. Many shoppers still prefer to pay by check or money order, or by cash in person. If you want to accept credit card payments and don’t have a merchant account, you can take payments through PayPal and we’ll set up payment links in your Booth

There’s no setup fee or credit check to open a PayPal account. All you need is a current checking account into which deposits can be made. As purchases occur, PayPal deducts its commission and puts the rest in your account, which you can have transferred to your checking account at any time. Click on the following PayPal banner and follow their instructions:


A basic Listing on the Buy Direct Directory costs just $25 for a year, but the impact is not as great as a Booth. Best used by vendors who have their own websites and just want to redirect the traffic of shoppers looking for their product. Each Listing includes a product photo and a link to the vendor’s website or email address. Vendors who also sell at open-air markets can also have photo links inserted on the profile pages of the markets they attend on the Open Air Markets Directory.

Either a Booth or a Listing can help you determine whether your hobby enterprise is commercially viable. Another advantage of a Booth is you will be able to adjust pricing and your sales pitch during the term of the lease and see what affect that has on sales.

Aside from your participation at Farmer’s Market Online, we offer the following suggestions for making the transition from amateur hobbyist to a professional business:

    * Open a separate bank account for the business. This will be especially helpful if you use PayPal for credit card payment, allowing you to. determine quickly how well you are doing. It will also help make you business look more professional to suppliers and other businesses.

    * Maintain complete and accurate records. Farmer’s Market Online requires no sales reports from its vendors, by an accurate and up-to-date record-keeping system will help with taxes, business loans, and your own business decision-making.
    * Listen and respond to your customers. As an amateur, you only need to please yourself. As a professional, you must satisfy your customers. Respond swiftly and courteously to their requests, and they will remember you. And if ask them, they will tell you what they need and want. Just ask, asking is free.

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