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Small Barn Plans for Owner-Builders
by Craig Wallin
Soaring construction costs and a growing interest in "do-it-yourself" building projects have encouraged thousands to think twice before calling in a contractor to build their backyard barn. Recognizing the need for an alternative to escalating construction costs, Craig Wallin has distilled 30 years of working with owner-builders into a practical guide to managing a barn building project from start to finish. Would-be owner-builders can learn how to act as their own contractor and save up to 25% without even lifting a hammer or paintbrush!

The book includes complete construction plans for 12 barns that combine traditional styling with flexible layouts to accomodate a variety of uses. Each barn is designed to be easily expanded as needed, and readers learn how to handle basic design changes on their own.

Unlike most planbooks, Small Barn Plans for Owner-Builders includes the actual construction drawings, such as elevations, cross-sections and a floor and roof framing plan, over 150 drawings and illustrations in all. This enables readers to use the barn plans as a starting point for a personalized custom barn that reflects the unique personality of the owner.

A resource section includes complete plans for a cupola, sources for hard-to-find barn components - even sources for free barn plans! Small Barn Plans for Owner-Builders is an invaluable "wishbook" for those itching to try their hand at a barn building project and save big in the process.
Small Barn Plans
Small Barn Plans for Owner-Builders 
by Craig Wallin
Homestead Design, 2002
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