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Strawberry Moon

The full moon in June, especially when it occurs after the summer solstice, is often referred to as the Strawberry Moon.

The first full moon of summer has also been dubbed the Rose Moon, the Flower Moon or the Honey Moon because of its tinted color at this time of year for viewers in high northern latitudes.  The June full moon stays close to the horizon, where its light is filtered and reddened by the atmosphere.

Man in the Moon

Look at what's rising: Luna, Selene, man in the Moon.

Much of the universe, as we know it, is strange and distant, full of lifeless orbs and wild cataclysms and dark voids. We know little about the quasars and nebulae and supernovae of outer space. Through our telescopes we peer at stars and planets and galaxies, but how well do we really know them? We can only see what we can see.

The moon is different. It is closer to us than any other heavenly object, both physically and imaginatively. It has been part of our stories and dreams since the dawn of time. It's the stuff of nursery rhymes.

Long before our kind walked on the moon we traversed its mountains and plains in our imaginations a million times or more. We named its dark lava flows and its craters and its peaks. We'd visited the Sea of Tranquility for centuries before our spaceship touched down.

  -- continued in Rural Delivery

Planets Form When Worlds Collide

Planets are built over a long period of massive collisions between rocky bodies as big as mountain ranges, according to astronomers using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope.

New observations from the telescope reveal surprisingly large dust clouds around several stars. These clouds most likely flared up when rocky, embryonic planets smashed together. The Earth's own Moon may have formed from such a catastrophe. Prior to these new results, astronomers thought planets were formed under less chaotic circumstances.

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