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St. George's Day

April 23

Celebrations ~ Dragonslayer

St George and the Dragon poster St. George's Day is observed by several European nations for which St. George is a patron saint. These include England, Catalonia (Spain), Portugal, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia and the Gora. The nation of Georgia is named after St. George.

In England, St. George's Day also marks the country's National Day and is observed on April 23rd, the
traditionally accepted date of the saint's death in the year 303 A.D.

Wrest Park in Silsoe boasts Britain's biggest celebration of St. George's Day with knights in shining armour, distressed damsels and dastardly dragons. Living history encampments at the historic park feature horseback skill demoinstrations,  traditional games, medieval music, fire eating displays, and jesters.

Throughout the rest of Britain, some wear the national flower -- a red rose -- in a button hole and Scouts often parade through high streets and attend special church services on the Sunday closest to this saint's day.

St. George?

The patron saint of England, St. George was a Roman soldier who protested the torture of Christians and died for his impertinence.

During the early Crusades,
the Normans reportedly saw St. George in a vision and were victorious in battle. Richard the Lionheart subsequently adopted the emblem of St. George -- a red cross on a white background -- on his soldiers' tunics and the flag of England, and part of the British flag. 


One of the best-known stories about St. George is his fight with a dragon. In artwork, he is depicted as a knight carrying a shield displaying his emblem.

He is usually sitting upon a horse and almost always killing a dragon.


Tamworth Castle is one of the best places in the UK to celebrate the feast day of Britain's patron saint. Jousting, falconry, archery and living history are among the free events offered in 2013 on Saturday April 20, noon - 5pm.

The medieval joust pits the Black Knight against Sir Robert Marmion for the honour of Tamworth. Details.

St. George's Day



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