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Saint Nicholas Day

December 6

Sinterklaas Amsterdam 2007

Myra -- The City of Father Christmas

Saint Nicholas Day is a festival for children in much of Europe related to surviving legends of the saint, and particularly his reputation as a bringer of gifts.

Observed in many European countries, St Nicholas Day is a festivity related to the saint  -- a fourth-century bishop of Myra in what is now Turkey -- with a reputation as a bringer of gifts.

In some German homes, Nikolaus is celebrated by children placing a boot outside their front doors on the night of December 5 to December 6.  St. Nicholas checks up on the children to see if they have been good and fills the boot with gifts.

In the Netherlands, Sinterklaas brings presents to every child that has been good in the past year.

In Italy, the Feast of San Nicola
marks the official start of the holiday season much the way Thanksgiving here does in the United States, and the holiday season continues for one month until January 6th (the Epiphany).

Santa Claus

"Santa Claus" is derived from the Dutch Sinterklaas.

Like the Father Christmas of British and Canadian traditions, the American version of Santa Claus is based on the legendary Saint Nicholas.

The tradition of Santa Claus (an old, white bearded man attired in red) emanated from Holland where the Dutch celebrate St Nicholas Day on December 6, when gifts are given to children. British settlers in the Americas adopted this custom as part of their Christmas celebrations.

Come Christmas and the little red man in a red gear and with his sledge called Santa Claus is here and is considered to be Father Christmas.

He is one of those mythological figures who have come to denote the gifts person for the children with the children expecting gifts form him in the stockings during the night.

Other names for Santa Claus include St. Nikolaus, SinterKlass, Kris Kringle, Pere Noel, Joulupukki, Babbao Natale, Saint Basil, and Father First.

 The image of the Santa Claus most common in North America was created by the German cartoonist Thomas Nast in 1863.

St. Nicolas Est Arrive!
St. Nicolas Est Arrive!

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The Legend of Saint Nicholas
The Legend of Saint Nicholas

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Handmade Crafts

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