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National Days

Unlike "Independence Days," which often mark a nation's liberation from colonial rule or occupation by a foreign entity, National Days celebrate less contentious avenues to nationhood or the significant date for a patron saint or ruler.

January 17 - La Diada, the national day of Menorca celebrating conquest of the island by Alfonso III of Aragon from the Caliphate of Córdoba in 1287 and the beginning of of modern society on the island and its identity as a nation with its own culture

January 22 - Day of Unity of Ukraine is a state holiday celebrating 1919 unification of eastern Ukraine in Russian territory with western Ukraine in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

January 24 ~ Unification Day (Ziua Unirii) in Romania, celebrating unification of th
e Romanian principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia in 1859.

January 26 ~ 
Australia Day celebrates founding of Sydney, the first European settlement in Australia, 1788.

January 26 ~  India's Republic Day celebrates adoption of the Constitution of India in 1950.

February 6 ~ New Zealand's Waitangi Day celebrates signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.
February 11 ~ Japan celebrates National Foundation Day when the first emperor was crowned in 660 BC.
February 11 ~ Vatican City commemorates foundation of Vatican City.
February 23 ~ Guyana's Mashramani celebrates declaration of the Republic in 1970
February 23 ~ Hari Kebangsaan in Brunei, celebrating independence from the United Kingdom in 1984.
February 25 ~ Kuwait's National Day.
March 1 ~ Wales' St. David's Day is observed on feast day of patron saint.
March 17 ~ St. Patrick's Day in Ireland.
April 23 ~  Aragon celebrates its patron saint with St George's Day.
April 23 ~ England (United Kingdom) celebrates St George's Day, patron saint of England. 
April 27 ~ Freedom Day in South Africa celebrates first post-apartheid democratic general election in 1994.
May 3 ~ Poland's Swieto Konstytucji celebrates adoption of the Constitution of 1791
May 17 ~ Norway's Constitution Day celebrates the signing of the first Norwegian Constitution in Eidsvoll 1814.
May 20 ~ Cameroon's National Day celebrates creation of a unitary state in 1972.
May 22 ~ Yemen's Unity Day or National Day commemorates North and South Yemen being unified as the Republic of Yemen in 1990.
May 24 ~
Bermuda Day celebrates the islands' heritage and culture.
May 29 ~ Ganatantra Diwas in Nepal celebrates day it was declared a republic in 2008.
May 29 ~ Nigeria's Democracy Day celebrates return to democratic rule in 1999.
June 2 ~  Festa della Repubblica celebrates the day Italy was made a republic in 1946.
June 6 ~  Sweden's National Day commemorates election of Gustav Vasa as King of Sweden in 1523; and adoption of the constitutions of 1809 and 1974.
June 10 ~ The Day of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese Communities occurs on the day of the death of national poet Luís de Camões in 1580.
June 12 ~ Russia Day celebrates Declaration of State Sovereignty in 1990.
June 17 ~ Iceland's National Day celebrates founding of the Republic
June 21 ~ Greenland's National Day, introduced in 1983 as an expression of national identity.

June 24 ~ Québec celebrates Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, feast day of John the Baptist, the patron saint of French Canadians.
July 6 ~ Statehood Day in Lithuania
July 13 ~ Statehood Day in Montenegro
July 14 ~ Bastille Day in France.

July 21 ~ National Day of Belgium celebrates day when Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld took oath as first king of the Belgians in 1831
July 21 ~ Guam's Liberation Day commemorates American landing on Guam 1944 and the beginning of the Battle of Guam.
July 23 -- Renaissance Day in Oman, celebrating  the day Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said ascended the throne.
July 25 ~ Día de Galicia or Galicia Day, in the autonomous community of Galicia in Spain.

July 25 ~ Puerto Rico's Constitution Day celebrates establishment of Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in 1952.
July 29 ~ Ólavsøka (St. Olaf's Day), national holiday of the Faroe Islands.

August 1 ~ Switzerland's National Day commemorates alliance between Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden against the Holy Roman Empire in 1291.
August 20 ~ Hungary celebrates St. Stephen's Day.
August 30 ~ Turks and Caicos Islands' Constitution Day commemorates adoption of a constitution in 1976.
September 8 ~ Andorra celebrates its patron saint with Our Lady of Meritxell Day.
September 9 ~ North Korea celebrates its Declaration of the Democratic People's Republic in 1948 with National Independence Day.
September 11 ~ National Day of Catalonia commemorating fall of Barcelona to Bourbon troops during the War of Spanish Succession in 1714.
September 16 ~ Malaysia Day celebrates the formation of Malaysia in 1963.

September 18 ~ Chile commemorates the creation of its first Government Junta in 1810 with Fiestas Patrias of Chile.

September 23 ~ Saudi Arabia celebrates unification of Nejd and Hejaz in 1932 with Saudi National Day.
October 1 ~ National Day of the People's Republic of China celebrates proclamation of the People's Republic of China in 1949.
October 3 ~  German Unity Day celebrates unification of West Germany and East Germany in 1990.
October 3 ~ South Korea's Gaecheonjeol celebrates when ancient Korea was founded in 2333 BC.

October 12 ~ Spain's Fiesta Nacional de España celebrates Columbus' discovery of America in 1492.
October 20 ~ Mashujaa Day (Heroes Day) in Kenya.
October 23 ~ National Day of Hungary, a memorial of the 1956 Revolution and the day of the proclamation of the Third Hungarian Republic in 1989.
October 25 ~ Day of the Basque Country in Spain.

October 25 ~ Kazakhstan's  Republic Day celebrates declaration of a sovereign republic within the USSR in 1990.
October 26 ~ Austria celebrates The Neutrality Constitution of 1955.
October 29 ~ Turkey's Republic Day (Cumhuriyet Bayrami) celebrates adoption of a republican constitution in 1923.

November 30 ~ Scotland celebrates Day of St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland.
December 1 ~ Central African Republic    became an autonomous territory within the French Community in 1958.
December 2 ~ United Arab Emirates' National Day commemorates formation of the federation of seven emirates on independence from the United Kingdom in 1971.
December 16 ~ Bahrain celebrates Accession Day of Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the first Emir of Bahrain.

December 17 ~ National Day of Bhutan celebrates coronation of King Ugyen Wangchuck in 1907.
December 18 ~ Niger's Republic Day celebrates being made an autonomous state within the French Community in 1958.
December 18 ~ Qatar National Day celebrates the assumption of power by Emir Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani in 1878.
December 28 ~ Republic Day in South Sudan

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