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Mountain Day

Japan ~ August 11

Yama no Hi, or Mountain Day, was created in May 2014, so that the eight prefectures of Japan without direct access to the sea could honor the nature around them. The  legislation creating the holiday states its purpose is to provide “opportunities to get familiar with mountains and appreciate blessings from mountains.”

International Mountain Day

Designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2003 to "encourage the international community to organize events at all levels on that day to highlight the importance of sustainable mountain development," International Mountain Day is observed every year on December 11 with themes relevant to sustainable mountain development.

Mountain Day in the U.S.

Since at least 1838, students at some colleges in the United States have observed a "Mountain Day" during which classes are cancelled without prior notice and the student body goes off to the mountains or a park.

At Williams College students have been climbing Mount Greylock, the highest mountain in Massachusetts, to celebrate Mountain Day since the 1800s.


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