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Memorial Day

American Flag Outdoor Banner Set

American Flag Outdoor Banner Set

Observed on the last Monday of May, this United States federal holiday was formerly known as Decoration Day. It commemorates U.S. men and women who have died in military service to their country.

In 1868, U.S. General John Logan issued an official order to place flowers on graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery and the practice soon spread to cemetaries in all the northern states.
Southern states observed a different day for their Civil War casualties and several states still have a separate day honoring Confederate soldiers.

The day honoring soldiers who died during the American Civil War was expanded after World War I to include those who died in any war or military action. 

Memorial Day is oten observed by visiting cemeteries and memorials, and decorating gravesites with flowers. Volunteers place U.S. flags upon each gravesite in national or military cemeteries. The U.S. flag is flown at half-staff from dawn until noon local time in many locations.


One of the longest standing Memorial Day traditions in the U.S. is the Indianapolis 500 race, which has been held in conjunction with Memorial Day in Indianapolis, Indiana, since 1911.

Memorial Day in the U.S. is commonly viewed as the beginning of summer, with many schools dismissing for the summer on or around this date.

National Moment of Remembrance

The U.S. National Moment of Remembrance Act, signed by President Bill Clinton in 2000, designates 3pm local time on Memorial Day  each year as a moment of remembrance to honor men and women of the U. S. who died in the pursuit of freedom and peace.

The Act recognizes in law a traditional playing of ``Taps'' on radio and TV stations accross the country at 3pm on Memorial Day.

all of Remembrance, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Waterloo, New York

In 1966, New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller and President Lyndon Johnson visited Waterloo, New York and proclaimed it the birthplace of Memorial Day. Iit held nation's first civic Memorial Day celebration in 1886, when the town's flags were flown at half-staff and villagers marched to local cemeteries to drape in black the graves of soldiers slain in the Civil War.

May 30th

Until 1971, Memorial Day was celebrated on May 30, but the National Holiday Act passed by Congress and signed by President Richard Nixon specified the holiday would fall on the "last Monday in May," assuring workers a three-day weekend. Believing the date change muted the significance of the holiday, politicians introduced bills in both houses of Congress in 1999 to restore the holiday to its traditional date, but neither bill passed.



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Life of a Solider on the Western Frontier
Life of a Solider on the Western Frontier

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