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Flag Day

June 14 (U.S.)

Flag Day in the United States commemorates the adoption of the nation's flag  on June 14, 1777 by resolution of the Second Continental Congress.

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that officially established June 14 as Flag Day;  in August 1949, National Flag Day was established by an Act of Congress. Flag Day is not an official federal holiday.

Flag Days Around the World

Vėliavos diena (Lithuania) ~ January 1

Festa del tricolore (Italy) ~ January 7

Day of the State Flag (Georgia) ~ January 14

Quebec Flag Day (Canada) ~ January 21

National Day of the Sri Lanka Flag - February 4

National Flag of Canada Day ~ February 15

Día de la Bandera (Mexico) ~ February 24

Day of the National Flag (Vietnam) ~ March 11

Flag Day (Aruba) - March 8

Eesti lipu päev (Estonia) ~ June 4

Svenska flaggans dag (Sweden) ~ June 6

Valdemarsdag (Denmark) ~ June 15

Suomen lipun päivä (Finland) ~
Midsummer's Day

Dia di Bandera (Curaçao) ~ July 2

Flag Day (Bolivia) ~ August 17

Den Derzhavnoho prapora (Ukraine) ~ August 23

Flag Day (Liberia) ~ August 24

Australian National Flag Day ~ September 3

Dia de la Bandera Nacional (Ecuador) ~ September 26

Ημέρα της σημαίας (Greece) ~ October 27

Finnish Swedish Heritage Day (Finland) - November 6

State Flag Day (Azerbaijan) ~ November 9

Flag Day (Brazil) ~ November 19

Flag Day (India) ~ December 7

Flag Day (Kurdistan) ~ December 17

Quebec Flag
Quebec Flag

Italy National Flag
Italy National Flag
Georgia National Flag
Georgia National Flag

Kurdistan National Flag
Kurdistan National Flag

Bulletin Board
U.S. Flag
U.S. Flag

Patriotic "Open" Flag Kit
Patriotic "Open" Flag Kit

Protocols of Liberty
Protocols of Liberty
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Don't Tread On Me Historical Flag
 Don't Tread On Me Historical Flag

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