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Election Day

November 8 (U.S.)

In the United States, Election Day for general elections of public officials - notably the President, Vice Prsident, and members of Congress - was set into law by an act of the 28th Congress in 1845 as "the Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November."

Election Day is a civic holiday in Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, and the territory of Puerto Rico. Proposals for making Election Day a federal holiday have so far been unsuccessful.

Most U.S. states allow voters to cast ballots before the Election Day and most have 
some kind of absentee ballot system. Unconditional early voting in person is allowed in 32 states and in D.C. Unconditional absentee voting by mail is allowed in 27 states and D.C., and with an excuse in another 21 states. Unconditional permanent absentee voting is allowed in seven states and in D.C.

Postal voting for all major elections has been established in Colorado, Oregon and Washington, with ballots mailed to voters several weeks before Election Day. In Oregon, all postal votes must be received by a set time on Election Day. Washington State requires postal votes be postmarked by Election Day. 

Election Days Around the World


29 January: Haiti, President

12 February: Turkmenistan, President

19 February: Ecuador, President and Parliament

15 March: Netherlands, Parliament

23 April: France, President

19 May: Iran, President and local councils

11 June: France, Parliament

8 August: Kenya, President and Parliament

September: Somaliland, President and Parliament

10 October: Liberia, President and Parliament

29 October: Argentina, Legislative

19 November: Chile, President and Parliament

20 December: South Korea, President

Standard Of The President Of Moldova

Standard Of The President Of Moldova

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Protocols of Liberty
Protocols of Liberty
Communication Innovation and the American Revolution

1932 Germany Election Results
1932 Germany Election Results

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