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Beaver Moon

Supermoon ~ Man in the Moon

The full moon in November is often referred to as the Beaver Moon because it occurs at a time when beavers are preparing for winter. It is also the time of year just before ponds freeze when Native Americans and trappers set beaver traps to ensure themselves a supply of warm winter furs.

It is also commonly known as the Hunter's Moon, the Frosty Moon, or Snow Moon.

Buddhists refer to the November full moon as Il Poya while Hindus call it Kartik Poornima.

Man in  the Moon

Look at what's rising: Luna, Selene, man in the Moon.

Much of the universe, as we know it, is strange and distant, full of lifeless orbs and wild cataclysms and dark voids. We know little about the quasars and nebulae and supernovae of outer space. Through our telescopes we peer at stars and planets and galaxies, but how well do we really know them? We can only see what we can see.

The moon is different. It is closer to us than any other heavenly object, both physically and imaginatively. It has been part of our stories and dreams since the dawn of time. It's the stuff of nursery rhymes.

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Supermoon is a phenomenon in which the Moon is full and at perigee, or closest to the Earth in its orbit at the same time. This makes the Moon appear especially large in the night sky. The Beaver Moon is a supermoon in 2016.

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Beaver Moon
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Beaver Moon Victory Bond Poster
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