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Bank Holiday

United Kingdom

A Bank Holiday is a day when all banks, the majority of Government buildings and other businesses close as part of a mandatory public holiday.

The Bank Holidays Act of 1871 originally had four bank holidays in England, Wales: Easter Monday, Whit Monday, the first Monday in August, and Boxing Day in England and Wales. That has since been superseded by the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971, which currently rules that there should be eight bank holidays in total – although the dates can often change depending on the way the calendar falls for that particular year.

Summer Bank Holiday was  
moved from the first to the last Monday in August as part of the reforms. Europe's biggest street festival, the Notting Hill Carnival, takes place over the Summer Bank Holiday weekend, with floats, bands and two million people celebrating Caribbean culture and traditions. Leeds and Reading festivals are also held on the last weekend of August.

Other Bank Holidays

New Year's Day - The sensible decision to introduce a day off following New Year's Eve first came about in England, Wales and Northern Ireland was added to the list of
bank holidays in 1974.

Good Friday - Easter is always a highly anticipated event in the UK as two bank holidays combine to give most workers a four-day weekend. 

Easter Monday -  Historically, the resurrection of Jesus was celebrated with egg-rolling and games, some of which, such as the Hallaton bottle-kicking contest, are still played today. Easter Monday is not an official break in Scotland but many local authorities treat it as a public holiday so businesses can synchronise their opening times with the rest of the UK.

Monday 1 May 2017 - Officially known as Early May Bank Holiday, this day off is generally acknowledged as the May Day Bank Holiday.

White Monday in the Clouds, 1874
White Monday in the Clouds

Monday May 29 2017 - Spring Bank Holiday. A long-standing fixture in British history, this public holiday was known as Whit Monday until 1978, celebrating the Christian festival of Pentecost (the seventh Sunday after Easter). Since the date of Easter is not fixed on the calendar, Whit Monday couldn't fit into an orderly schedule of bank holidays.

Monday August 28 2017 - Summer Bank Holiday

Monday 25 December 2017  – Christmas Day.
Christmas is celebrated in many different ways around the world. In the UK, families traditionally tuck into turkey and open presents from stockings and under the tree.

Tuesday 26 December 2017 - Boxing Day.
Previously known as St Stephen's Day.

Scotland Retro Flag Swim Trunks
Scotland Retro Flag Swim Trunks

Scotland has a slightly different bank holiday schedule to England and Wales. 

Friday 14 April - Good Friday
Monday 30 May – Spring Bank Holiday
Monday 1 August – Summer Bank Holiday
Wednesday 30 November – St Andrew's Day
Monday 26 December - Boxing Day
Tuesday 27 December - Christmas Day (substitute)

Northern Ireland

17 March - St Patrick's Day
12 July - Bank Holiday commemorating the Battle of the Boyne
Boyne Obelisk alonmg River Boyne commemorating Battle of the Boyne.
Boyne Obelisk alonmg River Boyne commemorating Battle of the Boyne.


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Recollections of the Isle of Man International Scooter Rally

1933 London Underground August Bank Holiday Poster
1933 London Underground August Bank Holiday Poster

Bank Holiday
Bank Holiday

Sir John Lubbock, The Bank Holiday Act, 1871
Sir John Lubbock, The Bank Holiday Act, 1871

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