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Persimmons are in season in the fall and winter


The two main varieties are the hachiya, best consumed when soft and tender, and the fuyu, which can be eaten at any stage of ripeness.

Hachiyas are best for smoothies and quick breads, but are also delicious raw; when fully ripened, they basically slip out of their skin in a goopy orange heap as sweet as nectar.

Hachiyas are an astringent persimmon. They are longer and more tapered than other persimmons. Astringent varieties are mouth-puckering to the point of inedibility if they aren't completely ripe. The phenolic compounds in the fruit, like those in wine, are enjoyable in small amounts but offensive in concentration.

Once ripened to the point of extreme softness, almost mushiness, astringents are incredibly sweet and jammy in the center.

American persimmons are of the astringent variety. They are harvested late in the growing season after a few ghard frosts have "bletted" the fruit, rendering it soft and sweet.

American persimmons are rarely found in markets, largely because they are unpleasant looking when completely ripe. If you want some, you usually have to grow your own.

Fuyus are a non-astringent variety. They are smaller and crunchier. These can be eaten like apples fresh from the shelf. They are also excellent in prepared desserts.


Try freezing the whole fruit and serving it like a sorbet.

Persimmon can be used for garnishes or toppings when pureéd into a foam that will last for hours..

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