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Spatial Relativity

 A rancher from Texas was traveling through Vermont and stopped along a country road to talk to a local farmer.

"How large of an acreage do you cultivate?" the Texan asked.

"Oh, it's pretty big," the Vermonter replied.

"My farm extends for about a hundred yards in that direction and for nearly a hundred-twenty yards in that.

"And how large an acreage do you handle?"

The Texan smiled.

"Back home," he said, "I have a ranch with my house located at one end. I can get into my truck at the house in the morning, turn the ignition key, step on the gas, and by the end of the day I still won't have reached the other end."

The Vermont farmer nodded sympathetically. "Yeah, that's tough. I once had a truck like that,  too."

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Farmland with Blue and Cloudy Sky
Farmland with Blue and Cloudy Sky

Rural Landscape with Road
Rural Landscape with Road

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