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Cavy IQ Test

Cavy is a nickname for the Caviidae of rodents native to South America, otherwise known as guinea pigs. Talkative, social and rather cute, these animals have been known to be highly intelligent.

To determine the intelligence of a cavy, carefully observe the cavy's responses as you read the following statements out loud and in sequence:

1. Cavy, I Am

2. Cavy, Than

3. Cavy, Smarter

4. Cavy, Cavy

5. Cavy, My

6. Cavy, Proves

7. Cavy, Test

8. Cavy, Stupid

9. Cavy, This

10. Cavy, See

If your cavy exhibited no expression, click here
If your cavy moved about but made no sound, click here
If your cavy squealed, giggled, smiled or otherwise showed expression, click here


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