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Multiple Uses for Fruitcake

Why do fruitcakes make ideal gifts?

Because the Postal Service has been unable to find a way to damage them.

In addition to being a popular holiday surprise, fruitcake has many "value added" uses that make it one of the most versatile desserts ever concocted. Consider the following and add to the list:

1. Doorstop
2. Paper Weight
3. Boat Achor
4. Bricks for Contrsuction
5. Pencil or Pen Holder
6. Cat Scratching Post
7. Poker Chips (when sliced)
8. Firewood
9. Stadium Seat
10. Step Ladder
11. Free Weight (for workouts)
12. Bookend
13. Sand Bag Filler
14. Speed Bump

BTW, why is history like a fruit cake?

Because it is full of dates!


Super Duper Bloopers
Super Duper Bloopers
 by Kermit Schafer

P.S. I Love You
P.S. I Love You

If you have any other uses for fruitcake, please forward to... Farm Fresh

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