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a guide to buying music direct from the artist

 List Your Music in the Buy Direct Directory

The Music Section of the Buy Direct Directory at Farmer's Market Online lists CDs and downloads available direct from the musician. Its primary purpose is to help buyers who want to buy direct from the artist find the music  they are seeking.

Listings are grouped by genre and title.

Each listing offers...

  • Directory display art, title and artist
  • Link to artist's download and/or website
  • Link to payment service or order form (if available)
  • Listings appear in Farmer's Market Online in both the Music Section and the Location Directory of the Buy Direct Directory

    Listings on the Buy Direct Directory are available for any title that is sold direct to the buyer, either through online orders, by mail-order, through open air markets or festivals, or any other means that does not require purchasing through an intermediary.

    Each listing is for one title and costs $25 for a full year. (Titles may be removed from the listing earlier by request of the artist, or if links become inoperable; no refunds on unusued portions of the year.) Payments can be made by check, money order or credit card.

    Register for a listing using the PayPal listing registration button. Listings will usually be online within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

    Booth leases are also available for promoting one or more titles by the same artist. Register for a Booth withthe PayPal Booth registration button at right.

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