Walking in This World
The Practical Art of Creativity

Walking in This World 
The Practical Art of Creativity
by Julia Cameron

Many great artists have applied walking as a tool to clear the mind and unleash creative energies. The destination doesn't matter, nor does the location of the walk. Going out on a stroll will unleash feelings and thoughts that reveal the innate creativity that lies within all of us.

Finding those thoughts and feelings and applying them to a creative work is what this book's 12-week course of exercises is all about. And just as it does not matter where you walk, it also does not matter where you create.

"Begin where you are, with who you are," Julie Cameron advises. "Writing doesn't really care about where you do it. It cares that you do it. The same is true for drawing."

Cameron, who penned the inspirational The Artist's Way, encourages her followers to get started creating something now rather than later and in small, enticing steps instead of with large, ambitious strides. Again, it matters not how far you walk each day, or how much you create, but that you move forward and keep moving.

Primarily a literary artist herself, Cameron has authored 17 books of fiction and non-fiction, but The Artist's Way and its numerous spin-offs have made her the Martha Stewart of the creative arts. Convinced that "the act of making art is a direct path to contact with God," she writes about creativity with missionary zeal and infectious enthusiasm.

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Walking in This World 
The Practical Art of Creativity
by Julia Cameron
J. P. Tarcher,  2002.

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