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Small Barn Plans for Owner-Builders

Small Barn Plans for Owner-Builders
by Craig Wallin 
Homestead Design,  2002.

Practical advice and instruction for building a barn, including plans and schematics for a dozen different designs, are offered in this reference for owner-builders with little or no construction experience. 

Organized in step-by-step sequence, the guide begins with pre-construction planning and decision-making, including cost estmates, scheduling contractors and understanding building codes. Complete construction plans for 12 small barns are laid out in the book -- six gable-roofed barns, four gambrel barns, and two monitor-roof barn designs.

Homestead Design, a design firm based in Port Townsend, Washington, published this collection of its construction plans developed over more than two decades.

"I've worked closely with hundreds of owner-builders during the last 20 years. I've found the majority of them prefer to start with a 'stock' plan and modify it to suit their needs," explains Craig Wallin, principal partner in Homestead Design with his wife Jeanne. 

"Small Barn Plans for Owner-Builders" explains how to modify a stock barn plan to fit a building site, a budget and its uses. The plans, which comprise the bulk of this volume, include the following:

Concord -- 296 square-foot mini barn with loft.
Pilchuck -- 384 square-foot barn with full loft.
Prescott -- 576 square-foot pole barn.
Winchester -- 768 square-foot barn with loft
Cascade -- 632 square-foot barn with full loft
Monterey --1512 square-foot six-stall horse barn

Gambrel Designs
Yaquina -- 384 square-foot barn with a full loft
Tillamook -- 480 square-foot barn with a full loft
Cambridge -- 864 square-foot barn with a full loft
Greenwood -- 768 square-foot barn with a full loft

Monitor-Roof Designs
Lancaster -- 864 square-foot barn with loft
Austin -- 1296 square-foot five-stall barn with loft

Clean, practical and loaded with helpful tips, this is a handy resource for owners of small acreages ready to add a barn to their property.

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Small Barn Plans for Owner-Builders
Small Barn Plans for Owner-Builders
by Craig Wallin

Prescott pole barn

Yaquina gambrel barn


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