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Simplified Diet Manual

and Study Guide (9th Edition)

Simplified Diet Manual
by Judy Fitzgibbons (Editor). 
Iowa State University Press, 2002

Used in many hospitals and institutional food service facilities worldwide, this well-respected guide helps dieticians and kitchen managers plan nutritious menus that are both cost-effective and capable of meeting special dietary requirements.

As in previous editions, normal and therapeutic diets are covered by this manual's straightforward nutrition guidelines. This new edition, the ninth,  includes a new chapter on weight management and a new diet for diabetics.

Recent findings from nutrition researchers are incorporated into revised recommendations on dietary intakes and cholesterol.

Diet plans and menus in this text include Vegetarian, Finger Food, Bland, High Fiberand Limited Concentrated Sweets diets are included. Diets for Children, Weight Management and Calorie Control are also detailed.

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Vegetarian Diet
Diet Principles
4. b. Protein. The need for amino acids (the building blocks of protein) can be met through a vareity of combinations. Meeting protein requirements is rarely a problem when eggs and dairy products are included in diet patterns. If animal products are excluded, amino acid requirements can be satisfied when a variety of plant proteins are eaten throughout the day. It is no longer believed that complementary proteins must be eaten at the same meal.

The following substitute for 1 ounce of meat in a vegetarian meal plan: 

8 ounces soy milk 
1/2 cup cooked dry beans
2 tablespoons peanut butter
2 tablespoons nuts or seeds
4 ounces tofu or tempeh 
1 egg or 2 egg whites 

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