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Jewelry Making
Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Jewelry Making
by Stephen O'Keeffe
Krause Publications, 2002

Beautiful jewelry does not have to be costly; homemade pieces can be crafted as finely anything store-bought and are often more unique and meaningful.

This how-to-do-it reference explains the basics of crafting rings, pendants, earrings, brooches and more from inexpensive materials like wire, acrylic, pewter and silver. Step-by-step instructions are provided for 35 beginner-level projects. More detailed techniques and instructions are provided for those who want to craft their own designs.

Author Stephen O'Keeffe, a jewelry making instructor in England, shares strategies for making difficult projects easier. "This book is about how to attain success by concentrating on the simple aspects of jewelry making and by finding alternative ways of doing the difficult things, and, if possible, of avoiding them altogether."
Jewelry Making

O'Keefe's text begins with advice on acquiring the tools and materials for making jewelry and how to get started designing pieces. "Perhaps the most important requirement for successful jewelry design is a familiarity with the basic techniques of jewelry making," he points out.

"There is little point in designing something, however wonderful, if it requires the skills of a professional to make it. Gain experience by copying other people's designs before making your own."

Lessons in the basics of cutting, drilling, forming, planishing, annealing, soldering and finishing are presented with step-by-step instructions and color photographs. Subsequent projects apply these techniques in making rings, bangles, earring and ear studs.

Other lessons and related projects cover wire drawing, twisted wire, jewelry without solder, making and using a bending jig, stopping out and edging, balling up, repousse, laminating acrylic, bezel setting, cabochon setting, pewter pendant, fetter chain and t-bar toggle catch. This reference will help amateur jewelers at any level of experience advance their skills and begin creating quality jewelry items to cherish at home or share at the market. 

Jewelry Making Projects

Octagonal Ring
S-Shaped Ring
Planished Bangle
Forged Choker and Earrings
Domed Ear Studs
Basic Scroll Ring
Scroll Pendant with Earrings
Scroll Variation Hair Ornament
Twisted Ring
Twisted Wire Bangle
Twisted and Forged Pendant
Acryl ic Cross
Figure Eight Knot Ring
Acrylic Earrings
Reef Knot Bangle
Acrylic Cabochon
Reef Knot Ring with Stone
Silver Brooch

Scroll Pendant with Bead
Domed Ring with Cabochon
Scroll and Spiral Bracelet
Platform Ring with Cabochon
Bending Jig Pendant and Earrings
Bending Jig Ring
Fork Handle Pendant
Bronze Ring
Pewter Key Ring
Spoon Pendant
Belt Buckle
Beads Bracelet
Balled-Up Ring
Silver and Bronze Fused Rings
Fused Bronze Cross
Silver Scraps Fused Pendant
Bronze Repousse Ring
Repousse Pendant

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