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Greenhouse Gardener's Companion

Greenhouse Gardener's Companion
Growing Food and Flowers in Your Greenhouse or Sunspace
by Shane Smith.
Fulcrum Publishing, 2000.

Dreams of home-grown tomatoes fresh from the vine in February have sprouted many greenhouses. But plants in greenhouses grow differently than they do in the out-of-doors, and tomatoes are notoriously difficult. 

This newly revised edition of Shane Smith's omnibus includes a special section characterizing the greenhouse propogation and growth of more than 300 plants. Divided into Ornamental Flowering Crops (including orchids), Fruits and Vegetables, and Herbs, it ranges from Ageratum to Watermelon.

Every aspect of greenhouse planning, construction and operation is covered in this book, including a newly expanded section on natural pest and disease control emphaszing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques.

The author, who founded an impressive botanical garden in Cheyenne, Wyoming -- of all places! -- is a strong advocate for the lifestyle benefits of greenhouse gardening. Attached to the home, a greenhouse offers opportunities not only for home-grown produce and fresh flowers year-round, but also expanded living spaces.

"Instead of greenhouses being attached to homes, we will have homes attached to greenhouses," Smith predicts. "The greenhouse would provide areas for living spaces that complement the house... This would allow traditional living spaces to spill into the greenhouse."

Smith foresees greenhouse kitchens, greenhouse dens and family rooms, even greenhouse bathrooms. 

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Greenhouse Gardener's Companion
In this fully revised edition of a best-selling classic, veteran gardener Shane Smith embraces this new “lifestyle” approach to greenhouse gardening. Through lively writing that balances wit with commonsense advice, Smith draws on his more than 20 years experience to cover everything you need to know to establish a charming and productive greenhouse.


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