You Gotta Wanna

You Gotta Wanna
Traits Of The Sales Greats 
by Thomas N. Monson and Sarah Kaip
Advantage Source, 2004

In 62 quick and easy-to-read chapters, this book serves up 62 traits and techniques that distinguish the most successful salespeople from the rest of the pack. Much of the advice is basic to any enterprise, such as setting goals, having a professional appearance, cultivating a positive attitude, and  thanking your customers. Other skills are more specific to sales, such as generating leads, networking, giving presentations, and dealing with complaints.

The chapters are relatively brief and to the point, beginning with a question like "How can you tell when a prospect is ready to buy?" and responding with tips, anecdotal experiences and suggestions. Each chapter concludes with a workbook-like series of questions for the reader to consider and answer.

Short on specific examples, statistics, or authoritative quotes,  and long on generalizations, you gotta fill in the blanks here with your own revelations if you wanna be great.

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You Gotta Wanna
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Put Customers at Ease

Begin putting people at ease the moment they enter a room. You need to be confident -- not the arrogant and pushy kind of confident. A genuine smile will do wonders for breaking up a tense atmosphere. Never force a smile. A fake smile can be spotted instantly and may only make the atmosphere even tenser. Smile and look interested. Let your smile and eye contact show that you welcome comments, questions, and conversation.

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