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Working Windows

Working Windows
A Guide to the Repair and Restoration of Wood Windows 
by Terry Meany 
Lyons Press, 2005

Don't let the title fool you. With a casual glance, some bookshops will shelve this book in their computers section, but Microsoft has nothing to do with this guide to replacing, repairing and restoring old wood windows.

Most other books on the subject of windows pertain to new or recently installed windows; this is the most authoritative and easy to follow reference on windows from the late 19th and early to mid-20th centuries.

The author, Terry Meany, is "Mr. Window" in the Seattle area, where he has repaired over 3,000 windows of all types, shapes, and sizes. He's become an expert at restoring and retaining the old-world charm of old wood windows and in this book he shares that knowledge openly and with a good sense of humor.

"The procedures in this book will provide both historically correct and practical working results at an affordable price," he promises. "Use them and you'll have operating, weather-tight, and attractive, albeit quaint, windows of your very own."

Using epoxies to repair old wood double-hung windows. How to Reglaze a Window Pane

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Working Windows

Hacking Out the Old Putty Yourself and Having Others Install the Glass
     This is the best of all worls if you have budget considerations, but don't want to mess with installing the glass. Glaziers aren't fond of chiseling out old putty, even if they use power tools to do it. Many younger glaziers work primarily on new windows which use special caulking and metal stops to secure the glass and have little experience with older windows. Even with an experienced worker, the bulk of the labor fee comes from cleaning ou the old glass and putty. Do the grunt work and provide the glazier with clean sashes ready for glass and you'll keep your cost down and leave the more fragile work to others. You may even want to do your own finish glazing and just have the glazier cut and install the glass with points. This is also a cost saver.

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