Very Maple Syrup 

Very Maple Syrup 
by Jennifer Trainer Thompson 

This little cookbook, part of the "Very" series at Celestial Arts, profiles maple syrup as a treasured ingredient in 40 sweet and tasty recipes, from Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque with Maple Creme Fraiche to Nana's Maple Nut Fudge.

A truly native North American sweetener, maple syrup was being cooked from tapped "tree water" by indigenous peoples long before Europeans settled on the continent. It was one of the great gifts shared with the Pilgrims at the 1621 Thanksgiving feast at the Plymouth colony.

A brief history and discussion of maple syrup grading preceeds the recipes divided by courses as Salads and Starters, Side Dishes, Main Courses, Breads and Other Baked Goods, and finally, Desserts.

"The federal government grades the syrup by color and flavor," author Jennifer Trainer Thompson explains. "Grade A light amber, grade A medium amber, grade A dark amber, and grade B. Which is best is a matter of taste. In general, the lighter the color, the more delicate the flavor."

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Very Maple Syrup

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